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This company is founded and built by Mr. Asok Kumar, having a dream to make this printery the largest in Vanuatu with the most advanced tools and machinery had started in 2006 and know it has become one of the leaders in the Printing Industry in Vanuatu doing almost anything because Colorite Graphics Printers we deliver quality printing to our customers opinion. we even use Eco-Friendly inks to chemicals so that our products don't even harm the enviroment & and we try our best to satisfy our customer's needs...


We here at Colorite Graphics Printers strives towards attaining the highest global quality standards in all systems & processes. By providing the best solutions with maximum value, Colorite Graphics Printers aims to be the 'preferred partner' to every enterprise with Printing & Signage needs.


Our aim is to provide a Quality Printing Service based on the highest standards of work practices to enable us to build long term relationship with our clients.


Our approach is based on honesty & dedication. Our philosophy has always been about becoming a trusted partner for our clients, not just another supplier. The common factor throughout is our determination to design solutions around the way our clients work
and the unique objectives they have in mind. We take particular care in understanding our clients own business. Our experience has shown that by doing so we are able to provide a much more affective service.

As a team, we strive our best to achieve excellence for the organisation, customer and the society.


We here at Colorite Graphics Printers make sure that our Working and Production Area is safe for Employees, as from the start our many objective was to get more modern equipment which elminates the use of chemical's, and after 10 years in the field we have changed our usage of chemicals to Soy-bean based inks and plate washers from alcohol to water based and have the most modern and chemical free DIRECT to PRESS Plates with our new KODAK Magnus Quantum 400 CTP System, and getting in paper that recycled makes us here at Colorite Graphics Printers ECO Friendly.

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